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Welcome to Suretek Infosoft

Suretek Infosoft is a young expanding offshore IT/Software technology services Company that provides intelligent, reliable and cost effective solutions at highest quality levels. The company offers IT consulting, software services and products solutions to various business domains; out of which some of the domains are FIX Protocol Solutions, DMA (Automated Trading), Education, Healthcare, Finance, Utilities, e-Governance and e-Commerce. We deliver high quality solutions that reflect in-depth knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies in today’s fast growing competitive world.

Our Services

Web Application Development

Meet the business needs

We have access to web application development experts in dozens of languages to help you guiding you through every stage of the project.

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Mobile App Development

From desktop to mobile!

Mobile application development has introduced a new aspect to the application design.

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Custom Software Development

Stand out from the crowd

Custom Software Development means developing software that fits to the requirements of the clients depending upon their business.

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Technology Consulting

Get the most

Technology Consulting is a field that focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet.

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Q/A Testing

Belief for the best

Since we, Suretek Infosoft, are full life-cycle software development partner, our experience in testing applications help.

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Maintenance & Support

Support for all

Comparing the Development phase and maintenance phase, both has its own unique complexities. But when it comes to maintaining .

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Case Studies

Web Frameworks

On the lookout for a new web development framework for your next project? Read on to check some of the best frameworks to help you make an informed decision while choosing the framework for building web applications.

Mobility Frameworks

Mobile app development is currently at its peak, with a lot of developers/businesses looking to spend some serious hours in the mobile app development market. However, the major problem they face choosing and sticking to one technology stack.

Automation Of CNC Machine

Networking Software Solution for CNC communications. Real-time access to a CNC machine allowing factory personnel/manufacturers to regulate and control the CNC machining operations from anywhere in the world, round the clock.

Online Car Trading Portal

An online marketplace for auto traders that deal in used/new cars and provide all the necessary information that is required to buy a new car. The range of features include bid management functionality, easy carlisting, quick communication channels and more.


A quick explanation of 'How' Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) are different from each other and 'How' we can use them both to help your business stand out.

Chatbot Development

Promote products, facilitate shopping and collect customer opinions. The conversational chatbot creates a new link between the digital and physical world, without your staff working more hours.

Interpreter Scheduling Portal

Streamline your workflows and interpreter bookings with this robust scheduling management soltuon which features -- Invoice management, analytics reports and real-time data dashboards.

Music Streaming Platform

The cloud-based music streaming platform is predominantly incorporated with advanced technologies such as HLS and RTMP protocols for broadcasting the music tracks, AWS, and Azure Storage for an end-to-end scalability.

Vehicle Route Scheduling App

A vechicle planning/ scheduling system desgined for small to mid-sized businesses, organizations is an easy-to-use technology that yields big savings in time, fuel, and labor costs. Read on to understand this helpful & affordable technology.

Online Booking Portal

An innovative and easy-to-use large scale software solution that povides access to thousands of hotels across the globe.The online booking engine provides complete flexibility with a modular approach for tourist business holders.

Guide to Outsourcing 2019

This is an ultimate outsourcing guide (2019) for small and medium-sized businesses where we inclusively talks about the cost and benefits of outsourcing. Read on to learn everything you need to know about outsourcing...

Crypto Trading Platform

Designing & development of a Cryptocurrency exchange. A secure online platform where users can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The crypto exchange is designed to set the rates of the currencies...

React vs Angular

Every framework has its own pros and cons, meaning that there should be just a right choice for every single case during the product development. Read on to understand the differences between Angular and React to help understand which JavaScript Framework...

Web-to-print Product Designing..

A fully responsive web to print solution, allowing users to process print orders conveniently. The solution can be adapted by printing companies and corporates from across the world to automate pre-print and post-print tasks & manage their online printing orders in a few clicks.

University Management System

The business solution is designed specifically for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges. A multi-purpose University management software with complete solution for Admission, Exams, Activities, Hostel, Library, fee management etc.

Our Company

Suretek Infosoft is a young expanding offshore IT/Software technology services Company that provides intelligent, reliable and cost effective solutions at highest quality levels.

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